The ascension of the chthonic brick

Mixed media on canvas. 40 x 28 x 40 cm

Matryoshka (Russian doll)

37H x 34W x 34D cm. Trash, clay, oil, and acrylic on canvas

Communication problems

40W x 31.5H x 40D cm, mixed media


30W x 56H x 17D cm, mixed media

Hold on

2 x 20W x 24H x 13D cm, mixed media

Game over or a perfect way to ruin the evening

30W x 30H x 17D cm, mixed media

Directed by

90W x 56H x 7D cm, mixed media

Dubinochka (baton)

12,5H x 61W x 7D cm, mixed media

Butilochka (bottle)

30H x 9W x 9D cm, glass, acrylic, varnish

I'm out

70H x 100W cm, oil, acrylic, threads, fishing line, and pieces of canvas on canvas