Greatest NFT token art Black pixel

Black Pixel

Digital art, 759x759 pix

The history of this Pixel began in 2015. Then I lived in the Himalayas and absorbed the surrounding context, which affected my work. I once made a note in my notebook about the idea of ​​a dot painting. I liked the philosophical overtones of this symbol (dot) and the speed of execution. I need to put the dot to it, and everything is ready. In this case, the level of skill, how the artist did it, their cost, and the structures' complexity do not play a role. This is the simplest possible object. BUT! It was an utterly material object; this is a canvas on a wooden stretcher with a black acrylic dot. It could interact with the rough, dense world around it. Heat and cold affected it, from which it could deteriorate and grow decrepit. It was not that different from the past hundreds of years of art. It's all the same painting on the same canvas. Boring. It's too boring for such an idea. It does not reflect modernity. But a few years later, a miracle happened.

On February 20, 2021, news outlets worldwide broke the news about the Nyan Cat GIF sale.

Now officially: a meme is an art.

Blockchain is an art.

Digital is art.


Finally! The revolution took place, and I had the infrastructure to bring that very idea to life. The point finally received a method of execution worthy of the modern world - digital.


A pixel is not just a point; it is the foundation of our entire modern world. Everywhere you look, everything is made up of these little digital squares. These small bricks of virtual reality are much more valuable than any gold or precious stones because, without these points, the current existence is impossible.

Finally! We have yet moved to the era where the Pixel is the basis of modern life. He is our best guide to the world. If you like, Pixel is our modern God. Digital is the most popular religion on Earth.


Yes, the world of ones and zeros won out. It is omnipotent and merciless. It is useless to build barricades and call riot police. The figure will get anyone. Do not resist it; otherwise, you will be left out of the modern world. But do not be afraid because electronic cells simultaneously lead us to the evolution of consciousness.


Gradually, with the help of cryptocurrencies, we began to understand the value of intangible objects. This money cannot be touched or inhaled. Sunlight and gravity do not act on it. It does not deteriorate and does not age. And they are valuable because the idea itself is priceless.


Perhaps, having realized the value and importance of the idea, and not the external gross forms, we will finally appreciate the importance of psychological health and information hygiene. Without this, it is already complicated in the modern world.


Who knows, perhaps we will finally come to understand ourselves as intangible objects. I am sure that the closer digital technologies, avatars, profiles, accounts, and so on penetrate us, the more we stop identifying with the physical shell. And, oddly enough, the closer we get to Buddhist teachings. The de-incarnation of a physical person is a gradual disidentification of oneself from the world of any density. Only the world of mind and ideas will remain. Future generations will destroy it one day also. It will be a matter of the next round of consciousness.


In the meantime, we are moving towards more and more distance from the physical sensation of the surrounding reality. I.e., digital is not only the basis of our daily life but also a potential guide to the world of spiritual development. With this in mind, the Pixel takes on even greater importance, encompassing our entire human universe.


Everything is contained in a point, no matter how small it is in size. It includes a vast amount of creative potential, information, and psychic energy.


Surprisingly, you don't have to be huge to be ALL. Sometimes something tiny has a lot more power than the most influential people on the planet.


To summarize all of the above, the Pixel is too significant an object not to pay attention to it and not to give it its due. That art is my monument to the digital point and the entire modern era. This Pixel is a point on the map of human development. This is what we have come to and from what we will move on.

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